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Love and Spirit (The Ghedeist) in the Symbiocene

There is a scene in the film Avatar where the human Jake Sully (in avatar Na’vi form) and the native Pandoran, Neytiri intertwine their prehensile, braided, pony tails or ‘queues’. As these queues are extensions of their neural systems they … Continue reading

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Solastalgia, Soliphilia, Eutierria and Art.

Many traditional cultures and their indigenous languages have words for home-heart-environment relationships, however, it is interesting to note that modern English has very few. I created the concept of ‘solastalgia’ to fill this void and to give expression in the … Continue reading

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Solar Power, the Energiewende and The Symbiocene

    Solar power puts us back in tune with the solar flux. When the sun shines and solar power is being produced in real time, we work in synergy with the sun and can use machines that use electrical … Continue reading

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The Ghedeist

The spirit or force which holds things together, a feeling of symbiotic interconnectedness in life between the self and other beings (human and non-human) and their gathering together to live within shared Earth places and spaces. It is a feeling of … Continue reading

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Sumbiocentric and Sumbiocentrism

  As opposed to being anthropocentric or human-centred, to be sumbiocentric means that one is taking into account the harmony of interests in the total environment. The aim is to maximise ‘unity-in-diversity’ and to hold that state of affairs for … Continue reading

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