Wild Cape Barren Geese

After Mary Oliver and her wonderful poem, The Wild Geese (1986). You do have to be good. You have to walk that extra hundred miles along the coast. Let your fingers collect the plastic detritus and cleanse that which you love. Tell me about your anger and I will tell you of mine. Meanwhile, earthlife … Continue reading Wild Cape Barren Geese

The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion of Ghehds

The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion[1] of Ghehds This article has been accepted for publication in The Griffith Law Review for 2021, published by Taylor & Francis. March 2021, Griffith Law Review 29(2):1-21, DOI:10.1080/10383441.2020.1878596 Abstract The need to move away from the grip of the Anthropocene in all of its manifestations is now urgent. As … Continue reading The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion of Ghehds

Life Out of Balance

Wednesday, 4 April 2007 Life Out of Balance A thousand years of Aamjiwnaang dreamsspirits touched by pure steamfrom sweat lodge rocksthat release a culture’s memory. One hundred short years of inversionin the Chemical Valleyfugitive emissions into every spaceIs the maple syrup really sweet? Geese struggle for formation in miasmic airbenzene tears in the artist’s eyereveal the reasons forBenjamin … Continue reading Life Out of Balance


Pulcreate = to create beauty. From the Latin pulcher = beautiful. For artists, writers, musicians and all other 'creatives' who put human-inspired beauty into Nature. One other thought, deep beauty. Do we have a word for that? Belldyfany: beauty which is deep or deep beauty. (Latin bellus beautiful and dyfan; Old English dȳfan, to dip … Continue reading Pulcreate