Pulcreate = to create beauty.

From the Latin pulcher = beautiful.

For artists, writers, musicians and all other ‘creatives’ who put human-inspired beauty into Nature.

One other thought, deep beauty. Do we have a word for that?

Belldyfany: beauty which is deep or deep beauty. (Latin bellus beautiful and dyfan; Old English dȳfan, to dip or to dive)


2 thoughts on “Pulcreate

  1. Mr. Albrecht,

    I am fascinated by your research and would love to get in contact. Your papers on solastalgia and now the symbiocene have made me want to pursue my PhD research in these two areas. I would love to chat more about your research and how you have come to where you are today. I am a big fan of your research, and truly look up to you as an individual. The idea of the anthropocene makes me so angry, and I love knowing we may be on the verge of a new era: the symbiocene. I have always been fascinated by the Human Exceptionalism Paradigm (HEP) versus the New Ecological Paradigm, and believe the symbiocene is something which connects strongly to NEP. I currently study human-animal connections/interactions, and believe this has given me a great perspective to study solastalgia and the symbiocene.

    I would love to get in contact!



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