As the GNP goes down, GSP (gross sumbioregional product) goes up.

We now live in a technological world driven by intelligence that is neither characteristically male nor female. There are now thousands of jobs in industry where intelligence and dexterity are the required attributes, not brute strength. In the growth sector of service jobs, intelligence and emotional clarity are the essential skills. Equal male and female … Continue reading As the GNP goes down, GSP (gross sumbioregional product) goes up.

Solstices, Phenology and Neohenges

Celebrating the Solstice in the Symbiocene Ancient cultures the world-over celebrated the summer and winter solstices. After two years of Covid-forced virtual gatherings at places like Stonehenge in the UK, the celebration of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, for people in the Northern Hemisphere has recommenced. As darkness and ice appear … Continue reading Solstices, Phenology and Neohenges

Solastalgia and Soundscapes (2007)

Solastalgia and Soundscapes I have solastalgia at the fading of natural sounds in the environment ... our soundscape is changing. We are in fact experiencing an aural invasion … the sounds of the natural world are slowly being silenced by the noise pollution of industrial society. If it is not the cacophony of air conditioners, road and … Continue reading Solastalgia and Soundscapes (2007)