Glossary of New Words for a New World (WordPress Links).

Biocoalescence Corrumpalism Ecoagnosy Endemophilia Eutierria Ghedeist Ghehds Global dread Mermerosity Meteoranxiety Meuacide Psychoterratic Solastalgia Soliphilia Sumbalere Sumbiography Sumbiocentrc  Sumbiocentrism Sumbiocracy, Sumbiocriticism Sumboikos Sumbiovore, Sumbiotarian, Sumbioculture Sumbiology Sumbiologist Sumbiophilia Sumbiopolis Sumbiosic, Sumbiosic development, sumbiosity Symbiocene (The) Sumbioism, Symbioist Symbioment symbiomimicry Terranascia, Terraphthora, Terrafurie Tierracide Terraliben Tierratrauma Topoaversion Topophobia Topopinia Tinpany

Sumbioism, Sumbioist and Sumbiosophy

The political and policy realms will also have to be revolutionised by sumbiocentric thinking. The model for social and political systems is not Nature in general, it is life and how life is possible (and desirable) within the matrix of an ethically indifferent Nature. From this point onwards, there is nothing to stop this new … Continue reading Sumbioism, Sumbioist and Sumbiosophy


Tierratrauma describes that moment when you experience sudden and traumatic environmental change … your favourite tree is being cut down, fire is destroying your local area, a bulldozer is demolishing your loved streetscape, or you are witness to an oil spill that smothers all life on “your” beach. This is not medically defined post-traumatic stress … Continue reading Tierratrauma


Cities, as they are currently configured, owe their existence on globalized gigantism supported by the carbon intensive global transport of goods by aircraft and shipping. Symbiocene planners agree with Bill Rees in seeing cities as "entropic black holes" (Rees 1997) defying all superficial attempts at pseudo-sustainability with their 'green walls'. We will need to exit … Continue reading Sumbiopolis