Ecoagnosy: ignorance of ecology (agnosy is a synonym for ignorance) As each subsequent generation separates from nature and life there is a gulf opening that Kahn has called “environmental generational amnesia” (Kahn 1999, after Pyle 1976). With such limited experience of nature to pass onto the next generation, each generation accepts as the 'norm' an … Continue reading Ecoagnosy

Solastalgia in the Anthropocene and the Ghedeist in the Symbiocene

  Abstract The Anthropocene epoch is based on the evidence of dominance of human affairs over all natural processes at a planetary scale. It is also characterised by countless biocidal catastrophes worldwide with mass bee death by insecticides just one that has received world-wide attention. Those sensitive to the scope and scale of these insults … Continue reading Solastalgia in the Anthropocene and the Ghedeist in the Symbiocene


An overarching philosophy of life. Sumbioism is the collective and cumulative art and science of 'living together' within the matrix of all life.  A sumbioist is a person who reflects on, writes about and professes this philosophy.

Terrafurie = Earth Anger

Terrafurie (From Earth Emotions (2019)  I was asked to create a new word by ecologically minded friends, who felt a common anger about what was happening to the world but could not put that precise form of anger into meaningful English. I responded with "terrafurie" or earth rage.[1] Terrafurie expresses the extreme anger unleashed within … Continue reading Terrafurie = Earth Anger

Directionality Theory: Neo-Organicism and Dialectical Complexity  

Glenn Albrecht (Draft 12/4/2000)  Published in Democracy and Nature Vol. 6, Number 3, November 2000. pp. 401-422. For some light reading on life, love and complexity. Abstract In this paper I shall examine the evolution of directionality theory expressed as organicist, dialectical approaches to the nature of reality and conclude with an assessment of its … Continue reading Directionality Theory: Neo-Organicism and Dialectical Complexity  

Terraphthora and Terranascia

Terraphthora (earth destroyer)  (tera for ra) (Terra, from the Latin “earth”, the Greek φθορά (phthorá) or “destruction”). Terranascia  (earth creator) (tera nas cia) (Terra, from the Latin “earth” and the Latin nātūra, “to be born”). The conflict between terraphthora and terranascia is now global. Terraphthorans are now destroying the earth within the Anthropocene. Terranascient humans will live symbiotically with the rest of life in the Symbiocene. From Earth … Continue reading Terraphthora and Terranascia