Symbiocene Music

Cello in bush

In the Symbiocene, music will represent the sonic re-integration of humans with the rest of life and life forces. Such music will not be a repetition of Classical music but a new synthesis within the Harmonia Mundi where sumbiophonic music of the ecophony, the somaphony, the cosmophony and the androphony will combine and merge in creative waves of innovation.  The energy and instruments needed to produce such music will come from healthy humans and their craft. Lovers of music will gather together (the sumbios) in places where life, architecture and music meet in harmony. Composers, musicians and architects have work to do. Young people are hungry for their creations.

Symbiocene Art

The Symbiocene will be the next period in history when humans symbiotically re-integrate and live together with the rest of life (sumbiosis = to live together). The combination of human creativity and the elements of nature is an art in itself as the ar in art means to ‘fit together’. To fit together in harmonious collaboration is the essence of both life and art. It is also the essence of the Symbiocene.


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