Psychoanalysis, Travel and Camping

  Gone are the days where camping consisted of a shelter tent for two carried in a backpack. Today, in Australia and many other parts of the world, camping represents a huge quotient of carbon dioxide on wheels.   Massive internal combustion vehicles with extremely poor fuel economy and huge emissions of greenhouse gases and … Continue reading Psychoanalysis, Travel and Camping


First Antipodean Nature Note: A pair of Dollarbirds (Eurystomus orientalis) nested next door in a big Ironbark. For about a month the cackling noise of the parent birds bringing-in insects for what I thought were two noisy babies was constant. This morning, after seeing a big Black Snake in the garden, I noticed a young … Continue reading Dollarbird

Pessimism Vs Optimism

From 'Earth Emotions: "Although a transdisciplinary philosopher by inclination, I have attempted to give "Generation Symbiocene" a relentless, optimistic and practical view of their future. Such extreme optimism is needed to counter the ruthless pessimism that is emerging from the critics of the Anthropocene and the collective wisdom of scientists who keep warning us about … Continue reading Pessimism Vs Optimism