The Psychoterratic and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  Covavoid = the intense desire for body and social distancing due to the virus Covastalgia = the profound melancholia and grief caused by the awareness that this is an inescapable pandemic Covadread = fear of a future that still contains the potentially deadly virus Covangst = the fear and anxiety that you or your … Continue reading The Psychoterratic and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mermerosity and The New Mourning

I suggest that the ‘new mourning’ contains the emergent elements of detailed knowledge of causality, anthropogenic culpability and enhanced empathy for the non-human (Albrecht 2016-7). The etymological origins of the word ‘mourning’ come from the Greek language, mermeros related to ‘a state of being worried’ and its meaning is associated with being troubled and to … Continue reading Mermerosity and The New Mourning