E.O. Wilson (1984), and before him, Erich Fromm (1965), gave us the concept of ‘biophilia’ as something to hope for in human nature. Our instinctual love of life and life-like forms would/could prevail over necrophilia, biophobia and possible ecocide. However, although ‘bio’ means life, it is often seen in the context of a reductionist science … Continue reading Sumbiophilia

Becoming a Sumbiovore in the Symbiocene

Food in the Symbiocene Sentience It’s time to include plants in the realm of sentient creatures. Sentience is defined as “… possession of sensory organs, the ability to feel or perceive, not necessarily including the faculty of self-awareness.” (Animal Liberation Front). A creature does not need a brain to be sentient. We now understand that … Continue reading Becoming a Sumbiovore in the Symbiocene


Sumbiosity: An emergent state actively created by humans in all domains that conserves and/or achieves an ongoing balance and permanent interdependence between humans, all other life forms and the life support systems of the earth (biogeochemical cycles). {Greek sumbiosis, companionship, Greek sumbios = living together, Greek bios = life, Pronounciation: ‘soom-bi-os-ity’} Sumbiosity is a state … Continue reading Sumbiosity

Sumbiosity, Sumbiosic and Sumbiosic Development

Sumbiosic: Those cumulative types of active and purposive relationships and attributes created by humans that enhance mutual interdependence and mutual benefit for all living beings. {Greek sumbiosis, companionship, Greek sumbios = living together, Greek bios = life, Greek suffix ic = adjective form of sumbiosity, Pronunciation: ‘soom-bi-o-sic’} Use, for example: “By actively growing and nurturing … Continue reading Sumbiosity, Sumbiosic and Sumbiosic Development


Dominance by powerful vested interests has also become characteristic of what is called democracy. Rule by the people (demos) has become corrupted by rule (kratos) by the powerful (oligarchy or plutocracy). It’s worse than that; Capitalism is now run by what can be technically called corruption. Corporations and oligarchs (authoritarians) use their power and influence … Continue reading Corrumpalism

Sumbioculture in The Symbiocene

The call “to eat your greens” is good advice from parent to child. Without ‘greens’ as the foundation of what ecologists call food chains, we would not have any sort of food available for sustenance. ‘Green’ is also a term commonly associated with being an environmentalist; however, it is surprising just how many people do … Continue reading Sumbioculture in The Symbiocene