Sumbiosity, Sumbiosic and Sumbiosic Development

Sumbiosic: Those cumulative types of active and purposive relationships and attributes created by humans that enhance mutual interdependence and mutual benefit for all living beings.
{Greek sumbiosis, companionship, Greek sumbios = living together, Greek bios = life, Greek suffix ic = adjective form of sumbiosity, Pronunciation: ‘soom-bi-o-sic’}

Use, for example: “By actively growing and nurturing native species of plants in his garden, Glenn developed a sumbiosic relationship with the birds of his region.”

Sumbiosic Development: A process of active invention and creation on the part of humans to achieve and conserve a state of sumbiosity where humans and other life forms can live together indefinitely in mutually supporting relationships. A form of development that has sumbiosity as its goal or end state.

‘Sustainable development’ as a term is inadequate because it also fails to define what it is to be sustained. Hence we have tortured issues like ‘sustainable growth’ or ‘sustainable mining’.

Use, for example: “The commencement of sumbiosic development has seen the exponential increase in the use of symbiomimicry in technological design.”