Sumbiosity: An emergent state actively created by humans in all domains that conserves and/or achieves an ongoing balance and permanent interdependence between humans, all other life forms and the life support systems of the earth (biogeochemical cycles).
{Greek sumbiosis, companionship, Greek sumbios = living together, Greek bios = life, Pronounciation: ‘soom-bi-os-ity’}

Sumbiosity is a state of living which achieves ongoing ecological balance with other life forms on earth (a state formerly called sustainability). ‘Sustainability’ is inadequate as a concept because it does not specify what is to be sustained and over what time frame it is to be sustained and as such has been abused and devalued as a term.

Sumbiosity solves the problem of what it is that must be ‘sustained’ and over what time frame … what must be sustained are sumbiosic actions and attributes on the part of humans that create sumbiosity for all humans and all other life forms indefinitely into the future.