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Climate Calescence.

Climate Calescence: An increasingly warm climate. To be distinguished from a changing climate or a cooling climate. Suffocale? (a feeling of being trapped by all-encompassing, increasing heat). Use: The heat wave is suffocaling me, if this suffocaling does not end soon, … Continue reading

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A form of social, cultural and literary criticism that evaluates all forms of creative endeavour from the perspective of: The degree of interconnectedness between the social world and the biological and ecological systems that support it The level of awareness of … Continue reading

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Cognalgia = pain or distress in the mind caused by conceptual overload or the complete disruption of all previous forms of cognition-as-usual. From Latin cognitiō, cognitiōn-, from cognitus, past participle of cognōscere, to learn and algia = pain.

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Koalas: A Retrospective

The Koala and a native sense of place: the urgent need for  a distinctively Australian environmental ethic (Written in the year 2000 for a QLD Koala Conference; 17 years later, nothing has changed. See: The Guardian: Jan 16 2017, Koalas … Continue reading

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