Wild Cape Barren Geese

After Mary Oliver and her wonderful poem, The Wild Geese (1986). You do have to be good. You have to walk that extra hundred miles along the coast. Let your fingers collect the plastic detritus and cleanse that which you love. Tell me about your anger and I will tell you of mine. Meanwhile, earthlife … Continue reading Wild Cape Barren Geese

Covid Grief – Climate Grief?


Human Grief

During the Covid-19 pandemic, humans have had to confront one of the most profound circumstances of human grief. The grave sickness, then lonely death of many of our citizens in locked-down nursing homes, alone at home or in isolation in intensive care units in hospitals have meant that the relatives and friends of the dying have not been able to be close to their loved ones in their last moments in life. Such bereavement is at the heart of the meaning of grief.

Further, the post-death period, especially for the relatives of deceased loved ones, has been an isolating and alienating experience. In many countries, during the worst of the pandemic, victims of Covid-19 have been taken to mass burial locations with no relatives in attendance. No mourning ceremony, no recognition of passage. No witnessing. Grief layered on grief … hyper-grief. 

For many no proper grieving rituals or…

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The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion of Ghehds

The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion[1] of Ghehds This article has been accepted for publication in The Griffith Law Review for 2021, published by Taylor & Francis. Abstract The need to move away from the grip of the Anthropocene in all of its manifestations is now urgent. As Einstein might have said, ‘you can't … Continue reading The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion of Ghehds

Life Out of Balance

Wednesday, 4 April 2007 Life Out of Balance A thousand years of Aamjiwnaang dreamsspirits touched by pure steamfrom sweat lodge rocksthat release a culture’s memory. One hundred short years of inversionin the Chemical Valleyfugitive emissions into every spaceIs the maple syrup really sweet? Geese struggle for formation in miasmic airbenzene tears in the artist’s eyereveal the reasons forBenjamin … Continue reading Life Out of Balance

Sticky Conceptual Traps

The core message of the concept of the Symbiocene is the fact that life coalesces with life and that even the idea of autonomous individuals 'networking' or having 'entanglements' with other autonomous life is inadequate. Networks, webs and entanglement imply atomism at their core. They are sticky conceptual traps. The meme of the Symbiocene opens up … Continue reading Sticky Conceptual Traps