On Becoming a Sumbiovore

Symbiocene Food and Becoming a Sumbiovore (Based on Earth Emotions 2019). Generation Symbiocene (Gen S) will appreciate more than any earlier generation that "you are what you eat". As we further investigate the human gut microbiome, it is clear that the relationship, between the foods we consume, and the characteristics of our gut bacterial communities, … Continue reading On Becoming a Sumbiovore


Pedolygia (ped-o-ly-gia) I have often considered that we need a new term in our ethical lexicon to describe deliberate harm inflicted on future generations by those who promote increasing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. I have used the term "ethically bankrupt" to describe such people, but particularly politicians who lie to the current generation … Continue reading Pedolygia

Solastalgia and the Creation of New Ways of Living (2010)

Albrecht, G.A. (2010) Solastalgia and the Creation of New Ways of Living, Chapter 13 in Pretty, J. and Pilgrim S., (eds), Nature and Culture: Rebuilding Lost Connections, London, Earthscan, pp.217-234. Introduction: The global transformation of place and psychoterratic dis-ease Cultures all over the world have concepts in their language that relate psychological states to states … Continue reading Solastalgia and the Creation of New Ways of Living (2010)

Public Heritage in the Symbiocene.

Public Heritage in the Symbiocene (draft). Albrecht, G.A. (2018) Public Heritage in The Symbiocene, The Oxford Handbook of Public Heritage Theory and Practice Edited by Angela M. Labrador and Neil Asher Silberman. Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Public Archaeology, Online Publication Date: Mar 2018. DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190676315.013.12 https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-oxford-handbook-of-public-heritage-theory-and-practice-9780190676315?cc=au&lang=en& Glenn A. Albrecht Honorary Fellow; School of Geosciences, The … Continue reading Public Heritage in the Symbiocene.


Terrevenge = Earth revenge (From Middle French terre, from Latin terra (“earth”) and Middle English revengen, from Old French revengier, re- + vengier, to take revenge, from Latin vindicāre, to avenge).

The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion of Ghehds

The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion[1] of Ghehds This article has been accepted for publication in The Griffith Law Review for 2021, published by Taylor & Francis. Abstract The need to move away from the grip of the Anthropocene in all of its manifestations is now urgent. As Einstein might have said, ‘you can't … Continue reading The Extinction of Rights and the Extantion of Ghehds

Life Out of Balance

Wednesday, 4 April 2007 Life Out of Balance A thousand years of Aamjiwnaang dreamsspirits touched by pure steamfrom sweat lodge rocksthat release a culture’s memory. One hundred short years of inversionin the Chemical Valleyfugitive emissions into every spaceIs the maple syrup really sweet? Geese struggle for formation in miasmic airbenzene tears in the artist’s eyereveal the reasons forBenjamin … Continue reading Life Out of Balance

Ideas for a Musical

Cassandra and Midas A psychoterratic ‘heavy’ opera based loosely on the themes of the book, Earth Emotions, by Glenn A Albrecht. Scene 1: A street. An old, black woman, Truganini sits chained to a street tree. She is under a streetlight. She wails and moans. Truganini’s Lament: Sitting on My Land. She sings of her … Continue reading Ideas for a Musical