The ‘cides’.

We need to be more precise about the type of killing (cide) that is going on. Ecocide (the death of ecosystems), tierracide (Earth murder) and meuacide (the extinction of emotions) are now allowing nuanced scale and the non-material to be identified as targets of the cides (along with biocide, arborcide, fungicide, insecticide, etc etc). Omnicide … Continue reading The ‘cides’.

Meuacide: the extinction of emotions

Meuacide is defined as the extinction of emotions: (From meuə– an Indo-European root for words such as remove, motion and emotion plus cide, meaning to kill). Caused by forces that, for example, destroy psychological, cultural and biophysical diversity. As rich and diverse emotional connections to place and home at all scales are erased they are replaced with … Continue reading Meuacide: the extinction of emotions