The ‘cides’.

We need to be more precise about the type of killing (cide) that is going on. Ecocide (the death of ecosystems), tierracide (Earth murder) and meuacide (the extinction of emotions) are now allowing nuanced scale and the non-material to be identified as targets of the cides (along with biocide, arborcide, fungicide, insecticide, etc etc).

Omnicide (1959: the destruction of all life), is also present to cover ‘everything’. I find ‘omni’ to be a bit too neo-colonial for my liking. We might think we can kill ‘everything’ but we cannot.

For example, there are ‘thermophile’ (heat loving) bacteria that live in the undersea vents of volcanoes. They like it hot, and there are hyperthermophiles who like it even hotter than thermophiles (right up to 110c). To think we can kill everything, is a form of arrogance about our human powers in relation to the power of life.

Thermophiles 5089756775_c1cd79d9e5_z

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