Covid Grief – Climate Grief?

Human Grief During the Covid-19 pandemic, humans have had to confront one of the most profound circumstances of human grief. The grave sickness, then lonely death of many of our citizens in locked-down nursing homes, public places, alone at home or in isolation in intensive care units in hospitals have meant that the relatives and … Continue reading Covid Grief – Climate Grief?

Emergent Sumbioregional Identity

  Extract from Earth Emotions: From what I have outlined above, human identity for all; males, females and LBGI+, has become a place of dangerous contradictions, with globalization destroying the planet while locking people into psychic instability, toxic jobs, structural unemployment, under-employment, addictive consumption and deep inequality. Control and influence over our emotions in such … Continue reading Emergent Sumbioregional Identity

Songline Ethics: Murujuga (The Burrup Peninsula)

The Burrup Peninsula* of the Pilbara region of North West WA has the Aboriginal name of Murujuga (hip bone sticking out). The human and environmental history of Murujuga perfectly illustrates what happens when a value system dominated by instrumental (use) values trumps one based on intrinsic (inherent) value. The original people of Murujuga, the Yaburara, … Continue reading Songline Ethics: Murujuga (The Burrup Peninsula)