Ecoanxiety and Meteoranxiety

Ecoanxiety and Meteoranxiety From Earth Emotions (2019 Cornell University Press). In psychology, there has been research on a branch of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) focused on the environment for many decades. The ‘environment’ in this context has meant anything connected to the suite of settings, external to the sufferer, which might be the cause of … Continue reading Ecoanxiety and Meteoranxiety

Symbiocene Principles

Key Foundational Symbiocene Principles (SP) are: SP 1 Regeneration: complete regeneration or biodegradability of all symbiotic inputs and outputs; SP 2 Safety: socially just forms of safe and renewable bioenergy; SP 3 Integration: complete integration of human systems with biogeochemical systems at all scales; SP 4 Renewal: use of the renewable resources of place and … Continue reading Symbiocene Principles

From the Anthropocene to the Symbiocene


A representation of the transition to the Symbiocene. It represents code red anthropogenic climate calescence (warming), biodiversity extinction, global pollution, soil exhaustion, water contamination etc etc from 1950 to 2022 and then a gradual code green shift toward the conditions of the Symbiocene (mental, physical and natural), by 2050.

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