Symbiocene Principles

Key Foundational Symbiocene Principles (SP) are:

SP 1 Regeneration: complete regeneration or biodegradability of all symbiotic inputs and outputs;

SP 2 Safety: socially just forms of safe and renewable bioenergy;

SP 3 Integration: complete integration of human systems with biogeochemical systems at all scales;

SP 4 Renewal: use of the renewable resources of place and bioregion;

SP 5 Bioproduction: organic materials from life to replace extraction of raw materials;

SP 6 Biotechnology: the foundation of all forms of production, consumption and enterprise;

SP 7 Respect: all species, great and small, having their biocommunal properties respected;

SP 8 Harmony: order is maintained and conflict is recognized as a sub-set of grand-scale cooperation;

SP 9 Protection: existing symbiotic bonds between and within species must be maintained, and,

SP10 Creativity: active creation of new symbiotic human-non-human relationships.


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