Pessimism Vs Optimism

From ‘Earth Emotions:

“Although a transdisciplinary philosopher by inclination, I have attempted to give “Generation Symbiocene” a relentless, optimistic and practical view of their future. Such extreme optimism is needed to counter the ruthless pessimism that is emerging from the critics of the Anthropocene and the collective wisdom of scientists who keep warning us about the unfolding apocalyptic scenario, due to ecosystem destruction, toxic pollution and climate warming.”

“The story of soliphilia is one of local and regional people responding to Earth desolation by political and policy action. Such action will replace the negative with a repaired and revitalised place that once again delivers positive emotional sustenance. Emotional repair work is intimately tied to the biophysical restoration of degraded land. The point is, that as humans involve themselves in the restoration project, and heal damaged places, they also heal themselves.

As the symbiotic interconnections come back into the soil, the ecosystem and the macro-biomes, so too the neural and emotional connections return the psyche to a form of health. What is new in this field is the discovery that many of the foundational forces are invisible to us. We were simply ignorant of them. The micro-terraphthoric (eg Covid) and the micro-terranascient turn out to be hugely important to life at all scales so we must now pay them close attention.”

“That is the challenge we now face. The negative Earth emotions are on the ascendancy, because some humans have become hell-bent on the consumptive destruction or ‘creative self-destruction’ of the whole world. It has surprised me for some time now that, while there are well-known pessimistic responses to the terraphthoric tendencies in our global culture, such as the Dark Mountain Project, there are few systematic terranascient, psychoterratic responses offering a positive vision for the future”

Now is not the time to meekly ‘adapt’ to our decline into chaos, nor to become paralyzed by the fear of what could come next if we do nothing, now is the time to act on our best impulses … to create, repair and to love life.