Bottom-Up Aphorisms

Individual organisms are actually holobionts or multiple species co-existing in the same time/space.

The human body is the host home of trillions of bacteria, viruses, phages and fungi all sharing the one life.

Our microbiomes contain ‘old friends’ who fight our enemies.

The idea of species is specious.

Every breath we take-in is an open invitation for the microbiome of the other (human and non-human) and every breath-out gifts our own microbiome to the other.

Networks, webs and entanglement imply atomism at their core and are sticky conceptual traps.

Most of our ‘kin’ in life are invisible and unknowable.

It is impossible to know where an ecosystem starts and finishes.

The ecological might also be the neocolonial.

The ecological might also be the opposite of the Indigenous.

Re-wilding Indigenous land acts as a form of neo neo-colonialism.

Being a slave to the ‘oikos’ ruins both economy and ecology.

Democracy cannot even rule the demos.

Gaia has no agency … but microorganisms have it.

Gaia is not alive, Gaia is not female, Gaia is not male.

Politics from the grass roots is way too large, it must come from the microbiome up.

Fake deities are simply microbiomes writ large.

Breaking symbiotic bonds is biocide.

As each shared intersection in the ghedeist of life is extinguished we experience a diminishment in our personal and collective identity.

As the sixth great extinction proceeds, we sense that we are getting closer to the seventh great extinction … ourselves.

Spirituality, as the human search for meaning, has already left the big tree, the big church and the ‘big man’ view of life.

Recognising the power of the ghedeist requires attention to the smallest moments of life.

Humans are simply a recent example of large-scale symbiosis in action, as we walk this Earth, courtesy of our gut bacteria.

Small is beautiful, but micro is magnificent.

Now is not the time to meekly ‘adapt’ to our decline into chaos, nor to become paralyzed by the fear of what could come next if we no nothing, now is the time to act on our best impulses … to create, repair and to love life.

Terms such as environment, resilience, ecological, regenerative, and sustainability have all been usurped by forces determined to bring them into the gravitational field of the black hole of capitalism.