Glenn Albrecht Earth Exchange 2011 2

Tierratrauma describes that moment when you experience sudden and traumatic environmental change … your favourite tree is being cut down, fire is destroying your local area, a bulldozer is demolishing your loved streetscape, or you are witness to an oil spill that smothers all life on “your” beach.

This is not medically defined post-traumatic stress disorder; this is not solastalgia derived from chronic change; this is acute Earth-based existential trauma. We needed a concept for this commonly felt, gut-wrenching mental anguish.

Tierratrauma can be contrasted to eutierria, a concept I have already offered as an earthly catch-all for what has previously been called an oceanic experience or a feeling of oneness or indivisibility between self and nature.

It can also be opposed to endemophilia or the love of that which is distinctive (unique) about a particular place. If we can experience the pleasures of topophilia and eutierria, then we can also have tierratrauma when we witness and experience the sudden destruction of that which we love in our landscape.


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