Sumbioism, Sumbioist and Sumbiosophy

The political and policy realms will also have to be revolutionised by sumbiocentric thinking. The model for social and political systems is not Nature in general, it is life and how life is possible (and desirable) within the matrix of an ethically indifferent Nature. From this point onwards, there is nothing to stop this new conceptual framework from evolving greater complexity. We can create an overarching philosophy of life. ‘Sumbioism’ is the collective and cumulative art and science of ‘living together’ within the matrix of all life. A ‘sumbioist’ is a person who reflects on, writes about and lives by sumbiosophy.

[According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the modern term ‘symbiosis’ has its origins in the Greek sumbiosis ‘a living together’, from sumbioun ‘live together’, from sumbios ‘companion’ or ‘living together’. In order to focus on the social/cultural/philosophical context of the science of symbiosis, I have used the social origins of ‘sumbios’ to distinguish its applications from bioscientific use.]


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