As the GNP goes down, GSP (gross sumbioregional product) goes up.

We now live in a technological world driven by intelligence that is neither characteristically male nor female. There are now thousands of jobs in industry where intelligence and dexterity are the required attributes, not brute strength. In the growth sector of service jobs, intelligence and emotional clarity are the essential skills. Equal male and female intelligence, and equal emotional responsiveness become the base for a new form of equality.

The collective Gens will use their androgynous symbiotic intelligence to quickly map and assess the huge losses to Earth and mind, under the carnage of the Anthropocene. We must have maps of the disappeared and the disappearing. Once that task is completed, the act of creating new symbiotic linkages will be everyone’s job, and it will keep people very busy.

The most urgent task for Generation Symbiocene (Gen S) will be the protest against gigantism. Hacking into, in multiple ways, then destroying gigantism becomes one’s patriotic duty. Everything, from how we think, to how we live, will have to be disrupted by the activists and hacktivists—then reconstructed as the Symbiocene. There can be no time for gambling and gaming; this genuinely productive work will be relentless and all-consuming. It will test the ability of the best minds in all the current Gens.

As the symbols of gigantism come crashing down, new forms of sumbioregional enterprise employing people in real work will arise. The principles of the Symbiocene, as listed in chapter 4, will be applied to everything that humans do. Symbiomimicry will have plastic on the run in no time at all. We will be eating our cellulose-based food packaging and loving it. We shall enjoy living in houses made of bricks produced and constantly repaired by domestic fungi. Gen S will be full of people with ideas founded on symbiotic intelligence, all tailored to their own region and its needs. Ideas that work anywhere can be shared, as patents that support the biocomunen cannot be privately owned with rights; they will be shared as ghehds.

Further, as the old GNP goes down, new indicators, genuine sumbiosic indicators of gross sumbioregional product (GSP), start going up. Cancerous growth is replaced by normal growth, or growth that assists maturity, metabolic activity, and reproduction. The economy becomes both restorative of life and innovative of new forms of symbiotic activity. It will have a purpose and a clear direction.

Androgynous symbiotic intelligence now has the ability to see the future, not with perfect clarity, but with enough clarity to know that without a rapid global transition to the Symbiocene, the future is likely to be bleak if not catastrophic. This is new in human history, as we have never before had that kind of predictive capacity. It is not Nostradamus giving us this dire warning. It is being delivered by some of the best minds on the planet. For the first time, however, the known catastrophe can be averted and a new positive future created, perhaps without violence.

The coming together of human emotional intelligence and the practical intelligence required to build a new foundation for human societies worldwide is the ultimate aim of the meme of the Symbiocene. In avoiding disaster, we simultaneously create a viable future. That is the fate and work of Gen S.

I will elaborate further on the application of Symbiocene principles by focusing on what I would call the ‘hierarchy of sumbiosity’, concentrating on some of the elements that we need at the bottom or foundation of such a hierarchy to nurture that we wish to have at the top. After a brief discussion of the centrality of communication in the contemporary world, I will discuss the role of Gen S in the context of habitat, energy, food, health and sex.

From Earth Emotions (2019)

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