Solar Power, the Energiewende and The Symbiocene




Solar power puts us back in tune with the solar flux. When the sun shines and solar power is being produced in real time, we work in synergy with the sun and can use machines that use electrical power to get things done … for nothing (the power is free).

If we have a battery to store power, we must make sure there is enough power left over from the day to conserve energy for the night so that we can use the power to read and relax (lights). To conserve power we must wind-down at night and do less. When the big battery is ready for sleep … so are we.

The energiewende or energy transition places us back into a pattern and rhythm that is a reflection of reality. Solar energy is a foundation for us to enter The Symbiocene as it helps put our circadian bodies and minds into rhythm with the earth and the sun.