The Ghedeist

The spirit or force which holds things together, a feeling of symbiotic interconnectedness in life between the self and other beings (human and non-human) and their gathering together to live within shared Earth places and spaces. It is a feeling of intense affinity and sense of mutual empathy for other beings.  It is a non-religious term for acknowledging the life-spirit which all living beings share and a way of distinguishing the good (which associates and interconnects) from the bad (which disassociates and dis-integrates).

[From old Indo-European origins in ‘ghehd’ (to unite) with meanings linked to Old English and Germanic words such as ‘together’, ‘to gather’ and ‘good’.  Also from the German ‘geist’ with its meanings of spirit and mind with affinities in other languages of a vital force or ‘life force’.]

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