Gaia is dead and we have killed her

God is dead and we have killed him Gaia is dead and we have killed her Eorlif[1] is still alive, but we must relife herm. .......................................................... It was Friedrich Nietzsche who, in a now famous aphorism, proclaimed: God is dead … and we have killed him (The Gay Science, 1882 book 3 125 page 181, 1974 … Continue reading Gaia is dead and we have killed her

Solstices, Phenology and Neohenges

Celebrating the Solstice in the Symbiocene Ancient cultures the world-over celebrated the summer and winter solstices. After two years of Covid-forced virtual gatherings at places like Stonehenge in the UK, the celebration of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, for people in the Northern Hemisphere has recommenced. As darkness and ice appear … Continue reading Solstices, Phenology and Neohenges


"Soliphilia" is the love of the totality of our place relationships, and a willingness to accept the political responsibility for protecting and conserving them at all scales. The concept has its origins in the French solidaire (interdependent) and the Latin solidus (solid or whole), and, the love of one's fellow citizens and neighbors implied by the Greek … Continue reading Soliphilia

Generation Symbiocene and Deep Mitigation

I have created the meme of the Symbiocene as a counter to the age of solastalgia within the Anthropocene. The Symbiocene offers the prospect of deep mitigation of the causes of global warming and species extinction. The foundations of this idea can be found in my essay Exiting the Anthropocene and Entering the Symbiocene In … Continue reading Generation Symbiocene and Deep Mitigation

Ecology is a Problem!

Perhaps one of the initial important tasks of the discipline of sumbiology is to complete the critique of Anthropocene category mistakes. In particular, the concept of the “environment” must be removed from our thinking. However, another concept that must be critiqued is the concept of “ecology” and the related idea of an “ecosystem”. A sumbiology-based … Continue reading Ecology is a Problem!

Health and Generation Symbiocene

From Earth Emotions (2019) I take it as axiomatic that symbiosis is foundational to life at all levels and that symbiogenesis is at least as important as natural selection in the evolution of life on Earth. In the era after the Anthropocene, the Symbiocene, the physical and mental health of humans will be vitally connected … Continue reading Health and Generation Symbiocene

Solastalgia in the Anthropocene and the Ghedeist in the Symbiocene

  Abstract The Anthropocene epoch is based on the evidence of dominance of human affairs over all natural processes at a planetary scale. It is also characterised by countless biocidal catastrophes worldwide with mass bee death by insecticides just one that has received world-wide attention. Those sensitive to the scope and scale of these insults … Continue reading Solastalgia in the Anthropocene and the Ghedeist in the Symbiocene