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Memerosity and The New Mourning

I suggest that the ‘new mourning’ contains the emergent elements of detailed knowledge of causality, anthropogenic culpability and enhanced empathy for the non-human (Albrecht 2016-7). The etymological origins of the word ‘mourning’ come from the Greek language, memeros related to … Continue reading

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Terraphthora and Terranascia

I have created a typology of psyche-earth emotions and feelings that have been developed by scholars in this transdisciplinary field and by me since 2003. I see the full range of these psychoterratic emotions as sitting between the extremes of … Continue reading

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(topos = place), (aversion = 1590–1600;   Latin āversiōn-  (stem of āversiō ), equivalent to āvers ( us ) turned away ( see averse) + -iōn- -ion) [http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/aversion] The feeling that you do not wish to return to a place … Continue reading

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