Eastern Long-necked Tortoise 1

The particular love of that which is locally and regionally distinctive as felt by the people of that place. Endemophilia is derived from the English word, ‘endemic’, is based on the French word, endémique and has the Greek roots, endēmia (a dwelling in) and endemos (native in the people) and philia (love of).

The positive psychoterratic emotion of endemophilia can be seen as a counter to the alienation and isolation expressed by the term ‘nostalgia’ when a ‘local’ person is separated from their home environment. To have an emplaced love of home and its distinctive ecocultural qualities and characteristics is a precondition for having a negative experience when absent from home and missing the emotional pull of the local.

In order to experience genuine homesickness, you must have already experienced a form of ‘homewellness’ or endemophilia. Endemophilia can be acquired … it simply requires openness to the pleasures of discovery in new places.

(Image: Eastern Australian Long-necked Tortoise).

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