The ‘cides’.

We need to be more precise about the type of killing (cide) that is going on. Ecocide (the death of ecosystems), tierracide (Earth murder) and meuacide (the extinction of emotions) are now allowing nuanced scale and the non-material to be identified as targets of the cides (along with biocide, arborcide, fungicide, insecticide, etc etc). Omnicide … Continue reading The ‘cides’.

Ecocide and Solastalgia

The sudden illness, then death of Polly Higgins (1968 - 2019) is a sad and monumental loss to all humanity. As a champion of the concept of 'ecocide', she was taking on the whole world. I believe she would have won. The affinity between her work and mine was captured in Earth Emotions in this … Continue reading Ecocide and Solastalgia

Terraliben: Let the Earth live!

It troubles me that we do not have a concept for the opposite of ecocide. I tentatively propose "Terraliben" (Terra = earth), and liben (Old High German, lebēn, to live, from Germanic libēn)) meaning 'let the Earth live'. Terranascient thinking might be enough, yet I feel that a strong, simple counter to ecocide and tierracide is urgently … Continue reading Terraliben: Let the Earth live!


Sumbiocide is the deliberate killing of symbiotically unified communities of life at all scales. Sumbiocide is inflicted by humans on the living parts of the symbioment (environment). It is a sub-set of ecocide or the deliberate destruction of the living and non-living elements of ecosystems. Sumbiocide is the systematic destruction of the life present in … Continue reading Sumbiocide

Terrafurie = Earth Anger

Terrafurie (From Earth Emotions (2019)  I was asked to create a new word by ecologically minded friends, who felt a common anger about what was happening to the world but could not put that precise form of anger into meaningful English. I responded with "terrafurie" or earth rage.[1] Terrafurie expresses the extreme anger unleashed within … Continue reading Terrafurie = Earth Anger