The Psychoterratic Typology

The Psychoterratic Typology (see¬†Glossary) Negative Emotions Origin Positive Emotions Origin Biophobia Kellert & Wilson 1995 Biophilia Wilson 1984 Ecoagnosy Albrecht 2017 Ecoliteracy Orr 1991 Ecoamnesia Kahn 1999 Sumbiophilia Albrecht 2018 Ecoanxiety Leff 1990 Eutierria Albrecht 2010 Ecocide Galston 1970s Terraliben Albrecht 2018 Eco-Necrophilia Fromm 1965 Biophilia Fromm 1965 Ecoparalysis Rees 2007 Soliphilia Albrecht 2009 Ecophobia … Continue reading The Psychoterratic Typology

Terrafurie = Earth Anger

Terrafurie (From Earth Emotions (2019)  I was asked to create a new word by ecologically minded friends, who felt a common anger about what was happening to the world but could not put that precise form of anger into meaningful English. I responded with "terrafurie" or earth rage.[1] Terrafurie expresses the extreme anger unleashed within … Continue reading Terrafurie = Earth Anger