Solastalgia and Soundscapes (2007)

Solastalgia and Soundscapes I have solastalgia at the fading of natural sounds in the environment ... our soundscape is changing. We are in fact experiencing an aural invasion … the sounds of the natural world are slowly being silenced by the noise pollution of industrial society. If it is not the cacophony of air conditioners, road and … Continue reading Solastalgia and Soundscapes (2007)

Social Ecology and Organic Environmental Design

(Original publication in Rethinking the Built Environment: Proceedings of the Catalyst ’95 Conference, 13-16 July, 1995, ed. By Dr. Janis Birkeland, Centre for Environmental Philosophy, Planning and Design, University of Canberra, PO Box 1, Belconnen. Glenn A. Albrecht, The Department of Geography, The University of Newcastle, Callaghan NSW 2308. Introduction One of the major intellectual … Continue reading Social Ecology and Organic Environmental Design

Ecosystem Health and Insurance (2002)

Taking LIFE Insurance Seriously:A revolutionary role for the global insuranceindustry in achieving sustainability Albrecht G, Rapport DJ. 2002. Taking LIFE insurance seriously: a revolutionary role for the global insurance industry in achieving sustainability. In Healthy Ecosystems Healthy People [conference], Washington, DC. International Society for Ecosystem Health in association with the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science … Continue reading Ecosystem Health and Insurance (2002)

Covid Grief – Climate Grief?

Human Grief During the Covid-19 pandemic, humans have had to confront one of the most profound circumstances of human grief. The grave sickness, then lonely death of many of our citizens in locked-down nursing homes, public places, alone at home or in isolation in intensive care units in hospitals have meant that the relatives and … Continue reading Covid Grief – Climate Grief?

Emergent Sumbioregional Identity

  Extract from Earth Emotions: From what I have outlined above, human identity for all; males, females and LBGI+, has become a place of dangerous contradictions, with globalization destroying the planet while locking people into psychic instability, toxic jobs, structural unemployment, under-employment, addictive consumption and deep inequality. Control and influence over our emotions in such … Continue reading Emergent Sumbioregional Identity

Murujuga (The Burrup Peninsula)

The Burrup Peninsula* of the Pilbara region of North West WA has the Aboriginal name of Murujuga (hip bone sticking out). The human and environmental history of Murujuga perfectly illustrates what happens when a value system dominated by instrumental (use) values trumps one based on intrinsic (inherent) value. The original people of Murujuga, the Yaburara, … Continue reading Murujuga (The Burrup Peninsula)

Ethics, Anarchy and Sustainable Development

[Image of me visiting Murray Bookchin at Vermont in 2001] First published in Anarchist Studies, Autumn 1994. This draft version is reproduced here because I believe it to be relevant to the issues we face in 2020. I also acknowledge my debt to Murray Bookchin in the evolution of my own thinking from social ecology … Continue reading Ethics, Anarchy and Sustainable Development

Every Emission Counts: Avoiding the Erasure of Identity

There are many important issues on Earth right now. Movements such as "Me too" and now, "Black Lives Matter" are hugely important in addressing systematic injustice. Today, I carefully examined a graph (above) that shows that there is one huge issue over-riding all others ... climate warming. As Siberia melts 80 years ahead of sober … Continue reading Every Emission Counts: Avoiding the Erasure of Identity