From the Anthropocene to the Symbiocene

A representation of the transition to the Symbiocene. It represents code red anthropogenic climate calescence (warming), biodiversity extinction, global pollution, soil exhaustion, water contamination etc etc from 1950 to 2022 and then a gradual code green shift toward the conditions of the Symbiocene (mental, physical and natural), by 2050.

Civilisation – Sumilisation

Mahatma Gandhi was reputed to have said this in response to: Mr. Gandhi, what do you think about Western civilization?Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea. While a great 'putdown' of Western notions of what civilisation might be, I think 'civilisation' generally is a bad idea. So is civilization. Civilisation: Noun. The social process … Continue reading Civilisation – Sumilisation

What is in a name? From Major Mitchell to Ghellar-lec (Gellarlec)

(Image from Gould, The Birds of Australia) [The draft notes for an essay on the naming of birds, written in early 2022] Background notes from Wikipedia and other sources: COMMON NAMES: Major Mitchell's cockatoo, Leadbeater's cockatoo, pink cockatoo, desert cockatoo, wee juggler, cocklerina, chockalott Indigenous names: Jak-kul-yak-kul,   Aborigines   of   the   mountain   districts   of   Western   Australia.  Ghellar-lec, The … Continue reading What is in a name? From Major Mitchell to Ghellar-lec (Gellarlec)