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Tierracide = The deliberate desolation of the Earth such that it can no longer support life and life-support processes.

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Eating as a Sumbiovore

We need to replace the term ‘organic food’ with something new, a concept that does not have such bad press and confusing standards. It is clear that we need a term that cannot be used as an instrument of propaganda … Continue reading

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The etymological origins of the word ‘mourning’ come from the Greek language, memeros related to ‘a state of being worried’ and its meaning is associated with being troubled and to grieve. Perhaps we should expand the psychoterratic typology beyond an established … Continue reading

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The anxiety that is felt in the face of the threat of the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events is something that people in diverse and far-flung parts of the world now, unfortunately, have in common. Such ‘meteoranxiety’ … Continue reading

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Love and Spirit (The Ghedeist) in the Symbiocene

There is a scene in the film Avatar where the human Jake Sully (in avatar Na’vi form) and the native Pandoran, Neytiri intertwine their prehensile, braided, pony tails or ‘queues’. As these queues are extensions of their neural systems they … Continue reading

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Solastalgia, Soliphilia, Eutierria and Art.

Many traditional cultures and their indigenous languages have words for home-heart-environment relationships, however, it is interesting to note that modern English has very few. I created the concept of ‘solastalgia’ to fill this void and to give expression in the … Continue reading

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Terraphthora and Terranascia

I have created a typology of psyche-earth emotions and feelings that have been developed by scholars in this transdisciplinary field and by me since 2003. I see the full range of these psychoterratic emotions as sitting between the extremes of … Continue reading

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