The use of symbiotic science to return life into the substances we use, the technologies we use and the production of materials and energy, becomes the foundation of our economies. There has to be a biocoalescence of life with the materials and technology that humans use to build the Symbiocene. Artefacts become sumbiofacts. We build the Symbiocene via a ‘re-placement economy’.

Pioneering examples of biocoalescence include fungi for bricksmicrobes for foodmicrobes for energyalgae for energy, algae for fertilizers, mushrooms for packaging. This is more than biomimicry, it is the incorporation of life, by symbiomimicry and biocoalescence, into our future material and technological world.

[From bio = life and from Latin coalēscere from co- + alēscere to merge and increase, and from alere to nourish.]


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