Symbiosis is life, Dysbiosis is death.

From Earth Emotions:

The Third and Last War: The Emotional War between Terraphthora and Terranascia.

Warfare has been part of the human condition since recorded history. The origins of the word ‘war’ have meanings connected to states of confusion and being ‘mixed-up’. I can see the relevance of ‘war’ at a time in history where, to end the biophysical and conceptual confusion, we need a shock to our current systems. Many humans, the Earth destroyers or terraphthorans, are now at war with the ‘environment’ they inhabit. They are also fighting Earth creating or terranascient humans who they see as blocking their freedom to further exploit.

There are also the terranascient humans who can see the destructive nature of the terraphthorans and oppose them with all their psychic and physical energy. There are now two huge tribes opposing one another in this discombobulated world, and their confrontation seems inevitable. It is an emotional war between Terranascians and Terraphthorans.

We have then, all of the makings of World War Three (WW3). Why not make it official? I declare WW3. This new global war will not be fought with guns, but will be a war where positive Earth emotions will have to directly confront negative Earth emotions. Terraphthorans are out to destroy themselves and the Earth, while Terranascians are out to nurture themselves and the Earth. The battle lines could not be clearer. A psychoterratic drama that has been unfolding over many decades must now tip-over into open emotional warfare.

The overwhelming justifications for WW3 are to reinstate symbiotic connections between the forms of life at specific places on this Earth, and to re-establish human and ecosystem health. The Anthropocene represents “dysbiosis”, or the breaking of vital bonds between symbiont species, causing ill health and possible death at the microbiome level.

Dysbiosis can also occur at all the other levels of life organization. For example, the loss of symbiont relationships and ‘mother trees’ in forest ecosystems destroys their integrity and health. The use of ‘cides’, the killers of life in agriculture wipe out soil symbiosis. Warming and acidifying oceans kill the symbiont relationships that build coral reefs. At micro, meso and macro levels of life, it is the bonds between symbiont species that maintain and perpetuate life and its health, including that for humanity.

Dysbiosis is death. Symbiosis is life.