Every Emission Counts: Avoiding the Erasure of Identity


There are many important issues on Earth right now. Movements such as “Me too” and now, “Black Lives Matter” are hugely important in addressing systematic injustice. Today, I carefully examined a graph (above) that shows that there is one huge issue over-riding all others … climate warming.

As Siberia melts 80 years ahead of sober prediction, every location on Earth will very soon experience impossible heat. If humans keep adding to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the consequences will be so severe that no other injustice issue will be relevant.

Gender and race issues will simply fade away in significance as the places where people (all types of people) live become impossibly hot and hostile. All forms of life will enter the vortex of population collapse inevitably leading most complex life to mass extinction.

Many climate scientists in the past have argued that humans have pushed our Earth’s climate to a tipping point. They have warned humanity to not go past that point and to limit greenhouse gases so that the Earth’s temperature does not go any higher than 2 degrees Celsius over established historical norms.

I can clearly see that humanity has now pushed the climate past that tipping point and we are in immediate danger of runaway climate warming and with it, rapid, catastrophic climate change. One consequence of reaching this conclusion is that I can no longer support any form of further human development except those that urgently mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

This means a rapid shift to 100% renewable energy. At the same time, every ‘development’ proposal that adds significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions must be opposed in principle. Every new mine, every proposal to log forests, every new freeway … must be opposed. To stay on our current trajectory is suicidal. To change direction is rational. My motto is now “Every emission counts”. My terrafurie mounts.