Meuavalent: The resolution of opposing sets of emotions during a time of crisis and/or disaster. For example, the current need to move from the emotions of the Anthropocene to the emotions of the Symbiocene, from terraphthoran emotions to terranasciant emotions.

Right now (April 2020) humans are in a meuavalent moment in our history where in the response to the horror of Covid-19 there is the potential to see its opposite, a return of ecosystem and human health (both physical and mental).

From: meuə– an Indo-European root for words such as remove, motion and emotion and valent, from the Latin valēre, to be strong, and its origins in the Indo-European root wal- with links to words such as: ambivalence, countervail, equivalent, prevail, vale, valence, valid, valor, value and wield.