Our Prime Minister/President Hates His/Her Own Children


It seems that most of the current crop of politicians in the world could not give a crap for their own children to flourish. They could not even give a fart for their grandchildren to be secure. Is this lack of care for the future a new human pathological norm? Or is it temporary insanity and extreme selfishness?

The scientists of the world are telling humanity that we are within a crisis. The theory behind this crisis, Anthropogenic climate warming, has been around for decades and the evidence supporting it is now overwhelming. The news is now full of global dread and it is relentless. The warnings about warming have turned to real tragedy. Suffering and death have an earthly dominion.

The failure to listen and act on these warnings is morally reprehensible and ultra-selfish since the children of politicians will be hit just as hard as the rest of humanity. Some of our politicians even claim to be religiously motivated … suggesting that their god is on their side as they destroy all creation. So, what do we, as a collective humanity, those still with an ethical commitment to our own children do?

One response has been to say we are fucked … and to go for extreme or deep adaptation to the events that will inevitably unfold. Another is to argue that as really bad events are unfolding anyway, we should do nothing. Bad news stories are like traffic accidents. Everyone wants to look, despite the gore. Some even deny there is a problem … yet they now feverishly invest in Lithium mines or ‘prep’ for the ecoapocalypse.

All these positions allow the situation to get worse over time and are incoherent. We simply cannot adapt to events that are emergent within complex systems. How high? How fast? How powerful? We just don’t know. We could spend untold billions adapting to sea level rise by building walls, yet fall short in 2090 by one millimetre. Game over.

To do nothing and allow the status quo to proceed is to agree that suicide is the only solution. Suicide is never a solution to problems; it just creates more problems for those left behind.

My response is to say we must change and change rapidly. Easily said, but hard to do?

To expect our current politicians to change instantly, and agree to rapid change, is to expect too much. They no longer represent life. The politicians do not want change, they and their parties are substantially funded by cancerous oily, greasy and gaseous industries. Politicians no longer govern, they are governed.

A generation of humans that have no binding ties to such ‘corrumpalism’ must take over the functions of government. They are able to see that without corruption, humans must govern themselves for all life, not simply humans. The reason for this is obvious … humans need the diversity of life to survive and flourish. Humans are a product of past life; they are a recent species in evolutionary terms. Without life-support … humanity cannot survive. To wipe out life by fossil-fueled mal-development is ecocide, then homicide.

A generation of humans who love life and each other will represent the only viable future for humanity. They are in a huge majority over the minority who are corrupt, insane and practice infanticide on their own children.