Generation Symbiocene and Deep Mitigation


I have created the meme of the Symbiocene as a counter to the age of solastalgia within the Anthropocene. The Symbiocene offers the prospect of deep mitigation of the causes of global warming and species extinction. The foundations of this idea can be found in my essay Exiting the Anthropocene and Entering the Symbiocene

In my new book, Earth Emotions I argue:

“The generation of humans known as Baby Boomers, is, by and large, a lost cause for entry into the Symbiocene. With entrenched beliefs, and cognitive dissonance about the non-sumbiosic path that has led to our present predicament, and having accumulated wealth, power and privilege never before seen on a mass scale in human history, Boomers are not going to give up their beliefs nor their wealth any time soon. They would rather adapt to changing circumstances than mitigate, or change, any of the foundations of the Anthropocene.”

Generation Symbiocene (Gen S) will not accept anything less than Deep Mitigation which, from the commencement of the Symbiocene, means the end of all new fossil fuel development and the rapid phasing out of all existing fossil fuel use.

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