The act of confronting those people, institutions and corporations that have become too large and powerful to be in the public, community or global interest. The confrontation results in the transfer of titanic power and its re-incorporation into intensely democratic and sumbiocratic decision-making structures at local and sumbioregional levels.

In the Symbiocene the Titans will have been transformed to human scale to support life and living systems and a viable future for the Earth. To detitanise the despots, authoritarians, oppressive regimes and bullies is a core aspect of an emotional war that is already occurring world-wide.  In Earth Emotions, the war between creative and destructive emotions (World War Three) is described in detail. We cannot afford acts of deluded Titanism any longer.





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  2. Detitanising very important. Seems to support and add heft to Flyvbjerg’s work on mega projects and using ‘phronesis.’ What do you think?

    Congratulations on your new book! You might remember you helped write a poster presented at the IARU conference on climate change with the COP 15 in Copenhagen on developing virtuous futures………My email: skype: david.arkitekt All the best and if you are interested, Perhaps John Todd i could encourage to write a review of your new book. He just finished a new one for North Atlantic Books……..
    Best regards, David BTW, here is my researchgate page, where you can see the poster. Your name should have been on the poster as a co author…….

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