The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life comes with an understanding that it is not the isolated property of a single, independent organism, but a shared property, the ‘biocomunen‘ (life sharing), between multiple organisms all coordinating their actions to support each other toward the end of reproduction, staying healthy and remaining alive. In reproduction, the biocomunen continues.

Holobionts are assemblages or consortia of different types of collaborating organisms within the one arbitrarily defined boundary (e.g., body, ecosystem) that all share the biocomunen. Individual humans are holobionts who interact with other humans who are also holobionts. We freely exchange our biocomunen with others in the biosphere of the Earth. The biocomunen is ultimately contained by the sum total of all life on Earth as different life forms are in some way connected to all other life forms.

Thus life is not the ‘entanglement’ of different species, which is its structure, it is the sharing of diverse attributes by diverse species that enables the biocomunen to persist. Life, as the biocomunen, cannot be defined or given a meaning for individual species because it is always a shared property. It is the ghedeistual unity in the diversity of life.

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