Generation Symbiocene (Gen S)

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The generations produced by the Boomers, and now, their own children (Gens X, Y and Z), are labelled as vague, directionless tribes in the Anthropocene, but now is their time in history to unite and fight for a cause that is without peer … themselves and their own future. In Australia, in late 2018, the school children (Gen Z) are now leading the opposition to ecocide and climacide.

The artistic tribes have already moved in this direction and I am buoyed the emergence of Symbiocene art in the last few years. The idea of the Symbiocene, and the need for Generation Symbiocene (collectively to be known as Gen S) to become tribal champions for positive Earth emotions, are their guideposts. Symbiocene principles form a coherent and unifying manifesto. The Symbiocene and its positive Earth emotions give generously of directionality in life. They both say go in the direction of increasing symbiotic unity and diversity. They both give expression to good Earth emotions that must fight climate warming and the extinction of species.

The application of Symbiocene principles will also ensure that a sumbioregional focus returns to human industry and agriculture. They will respect the nuances of place in situ, the world over. In essence, I am hopeful that a new form of human community can arise out of the current identity crisis of all the post-Boomer Gens and other people already emplaced at small scale all over the world. They will use their own inner distress, the scientific critique of homogeneous gigantism and its toxic legacy, and climate chaos, plus sumbiophilia and tribalism, to create the Symbiocene.

The inertia of others will be unblocked by positive Earth emotions based on the understanding of the symbiotic revolution in science and the overwhelming appeal to be a part of a mentally and physically strong Generation Symbiocene.

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