Androgynous Symbiotic Intelligence in The Symbiocene


It will not be easy to exit our current era, the Anthropocene, and enter the next era, the Symbiocene. The stakes are so high that to actively engage in symbiotic and peaceful co-existence with other humans and non-human beings has become a major challenge to alpha male, misogynist, violent and aggressive entrenched interests. The sumbios in the Symbiocene is founded on ‘living together’; and negotiation, reason and persuasion are its ethical foundations.

We already live in a technological world largely driven by a form of intelligence that is neither characteristically male nor female. There are now thousands of jobs in industry where intelligence and dexterity are the required attributes, not brute strength. In the growth sector of service jobs, intelligence and emotional clarity are the essential skills. Heavy work in industry is now fully mechanised.

The misogyny of men within advanced industrial countries is now crumbling under a relentless ethical and intellectual assault from women and men who value intelligence and justice above all else. The intellectual equality of women with men is already the basis for universal humanity. We are Homo sapiens after all.

In the future, engaging with all life in symbiotic ways to make a living on this Earth will require Androgynous Symbiotic Intelligence (ASI). Such ASI now has the ability to see the future, not with perfect clarity, but with enough clarity to know that, without a rapid global transition to the Symbiocene, the future will be bleak, if not catastrophic.

This is new in human history, as we have never before had that kind of predictive capacity. It is not Nostradamus giving us this dire warning. It is being delivered by some of the best minds on the planet. However, for the first time, the known catastrophe can be averted and a new positive future created, perhaps without violence. The big question is, are we smart enough to use ASI to enter the Symbiocene?


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