Growth in The Sumboikos

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My work is pro-growth. However, it is not pro-parasitic or terraphthoric (earth destroying) growth which is tierracide (Earth murder). It is the negation of the above and its re-placement with a form of growth that is consistent with symbiosis, a foundation of life on Earth as we know it. Terranascient (earth nurturing) growth is good and we need as much of it as we can create. We can call this new form of economy the ‘sumboikos’, from sumbios (living together) and oikos (house or home). The Anthropocene is re-placed by the Symbiocene.

It is a form of economy that enables humans to live symbiotically along with the rest of life and living processes in the one home known as the Earth. To generate this type of growth we will need new, creative forms of design and technology based on symbiomimicry. The sumboikos will be the result of sumbiocentric thinking and will require the most intense period of genuine growth since the industrial revolution and the rise of the Anthropocene.

As the old GNP goes down, new indicators, genuine sumbiosic indicators of gross sumbioregional product (GSP) start going up. Cancerous growth is replaced by normal growth, that is, growth that assists maturity and reproduction. The economy will be both restorative of life, and innovative of new forms of symbiotic activity. It will have a purpose and a clear direction (directionality).

The Symbiocene entails a real revolution, because the challenge for the current society is to replace every single toxic and polluting Anthropocene essential artefact with an equivalent (if possible) benign Symbiocene ‘sumbiofact’. There are now so many humans on the planet that the Earth cannot tolerate anything less than the complete adoption of Symbiocene principles. Those who want innovation to drive a new economy, that is productive within the associations of life, now have a new narrative to give an outlet for their creativity. There is no hopium here, it is radical anticipation for a future worth living in.


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  1. I was wondering if you considered what would it take to change the direction we are going at present. People generally and academics in particular adopted the name Anthropocene knowingly or unknowingly perpetuating the current trends. To enter Sumbiocene we also need an education system based on the values you and others hold very dear. How to come out of the current malaise? Have you considered what we would need as triggers?


  2. Star, the change is already taking place. There are artists and other creative people taking on the challenge of the Symbiocene as we write to each other. It took 10 years for my concept of solastalgia to get some traction in the international arena. The Symbiocene is but young. I am a philosopher so I see my role as generating ideas. I hope that my ideas are worth putting into practice. I wrote to a design postgrad student in Holland today who asked me for advice and I gave him encouragement to now take the Symbiocene idea into their future work. What ever you do, make it your mission to enter the Symbiocene. Its free!


    • Hello
      My name is Danuta Nowak. I also consider myself a philosopher to some extent (to the amusement of the professional academics). I posted some papers on the Academia website. But I am not in competition to anyone. I am a retired professional engineer with unfulfilled professional life (because of workplace discrimination (in Australia)), wide interests in many disciplines and an aching heart that the system we live in is strongly anti- human, anti-life, etc., etc. and we can do nothing about it at present.
      But taking a more long- term view, as I can see you are doing, may bring desired results some time in the future. I also hope that your ideas will find new readers and enthusiasts.
      Currently, I notice new developments in many areas, such as economics, politics, your philosophy, spiritual messages and teachings, and many others in the field of sustainability (generally speaking), which if put together could already create a new beginning for a life affirming civilisation. But there is still a lack of cohesion, lack of integration; people are still working from separate bases.
      I am looking for this integrating element and hope that it will happen soon.
      Nice speaking with you. Danuta

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