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One reason why philosophy appears to be irrelevant to so many people is that it often fails to address the really important ethical issues in modern life. For example, in the light of climate calescence (the warming), what is our ethical obligation to the young and those about to enter this world? Giving appropriate proportional weight to this question might then help us answer many subservient questions that hinge on our answer to this ‘big one’.

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    What about priorities we assign to various issues in life? We should first know why we do things before we learn how to do them. In this system it appears that people are not required to ask questions but they must work and conform. We can have any system we would like to design – but no one seems to be questioning what we have.

    There is a disconnect somewhere in our conscience, a gap in thinking or an unfinished thinking about life. This is why people do not appreciate philosophy. Philosophy is this part of thinking that is missing.

    Education system could be much improved, but who is going to force a potential change like that through the existing simplistic approach of educating future half-robots? The current system needs robots not philosophers. And this is our sorry state of civilisation.


    • The Symbiocene is a revolutionary philosophical idea. It tries to bring our thinking about life up-to-date. Sumbiocentrism forces creativity and innovation. That should be an exciting thing and one that all, from the very young to the very old, can revel in.


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