Rainbow fungi

I think we need a new ‘discipline’. One that takes into account the way the world actually works. I call this new discipline Sumbiology (from the Greek sumbios = living together, ology = a branch of learning and knowledge).

Sumbiology is the study of humans ‘living together’ with the totality of life. Sumbiologists study life-supporting relationships between people, other biota, ecosystems and bio-physical systems at places from the local to global scales.

Sumbiologists also study the dynamics of those relationships within Earth Systems so that decision-making about how a good life (Sumbioethics) and a good politics (Sumbiocracy) on this shared Earth can take place.


4 thoughts on “Sumbiology

  1. Hi Glenn
    I’m a Danish journalist very interested to do an interview with you on your work and thoughts. I found one email address that does not work. Can you please email at mortensteiniche ad
    Best Regards,
    Morten Steiniche


  2. Hello Glenn,
    I too would like to connect with you for a possible interview for a new book. You can read more about my work at I would be grateful if you would contact me: pwbogard (at), or let me know how I can contact you directly.
    With thanks, Paul


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