Children in The Symbiocene


Many young men and women of childbearing age ask if it is reasonable to have children with a such bleak future unfolding via climate calescence, ecosystem distress, nuclear fallout, plastic pollution, species extinction and a myriad of other Earth insults.

My answer is that if we do nothing to bring about the end of the obscenities of the Anthropocene, then the having of children will a hugely negative moral issue. If we can clearly see the collapse of human society within cascades of tierracide, then not having children makes practical and moral sense.

However, if we reject the Anthropocene and enter the Symbiocene, it is urgent that we have replacement-level Symbiocene babies and Symbiocene children to take us into the next adult generation. The parents of Symbiocene babies will be transitioning into a form of human existence that is harmonious with the rest of life. Their children will then be fully committed this form of existence because their parents and education systems taught them how to live via ‘Sumbiology‘ or the discipline of understanding the interconnections in life … all of them. Symbiocene children will think differently! They will value life above all else. They will see their own life as intimately connected to all other life. Generation Symbiocene will change everything!

As they mature, Symbiocene children will be the artists, designers, architects, engineers, chefs, builders, technicians, farmers and trades-people etc of  The Symbiocene. So, parents who can already see a bad future for their children unless change occurs, are under an obligation to put their children into a much better place. Their love of the child must be also be expressed as sumbiophilia. They must do everything in their power to show their children how to live sumbiosically. Rational people now contemplating the having of children are under an obligation to have Symbiocene babies … it is their duty to the future. Symbiocene babies will be happy as larks … they will mature into beautiful Symbiocene adults.

(Lyra, my granddaughter, playing a harp)


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