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Sumbiology is the study of humans ‘living together’ with the totality of life. Sumbiologists study life-supporting relationships between people, other biota, ecosystems and bio-physical systems at places from the local to global scales. Their goal is to understand the dynamics of those relationships so that decision-making about how humanity may live a good life on this shared Earth can take place.

A new idea that might emerge from Sumbiology as a transdisciplinary field of knowledge is the Sumbiversity. A sumbiversity is an institution of learning devoted to supporting transdisciplinary collaboration between all the forms and types of knowledge humans have created. In the Sumbiversity, scholars work in collaboration, not competition, on the totality of knowledge needed to live together on this Earth.

(From the Greek sumbios = living together, ology = a branch of learning and knowledge, plus Medieval Latin universitās group of scholars from Latin: whole, totality, universe])

(Image: Lyra, taken by Anthony Albrecht 2016)